Why garáž?

We’re not a salon, we’re a garage!

We are two friends who met in a consulting firm a long time ago. Our mission is to guide you through urban electromobility from the first charge to a happy arrival in your destination. No sugarcoating or false promises – you can see us riding these bikes too.

Bike sales

We sell Super Soco and Vmoto motorcycles and scooters. They are fully electric, most of them with removable batteries, and are excellent companions for fun, fast and economic city transport.

All of them are automatic and ride the same way as normal scooters – right handle is the throttle, both levers are break. There is not much to get confused about.

You will always arrive on time, and with style too.

If you’ve just discovered you need an ebike but don’t have enough money saved don’t despair – we have an experienced friend to help you sort out a tailored financing deal.


volt garaz servis

Service work

Our machines are reliable but in case there is a problem we can provide any service work necessary.

We have access to original spare parts and usually charge less than AliExpress resellers, although with some less common parts you may need to wait until we get them on stock.

We take pride in our technical expertise and know every nook and cranny on our bikes. Don’t hasitate to ask us any questions, no matter how in-depth they may be.


Not everyone is born a natural talent and we understand that.

We will teach you how to ride a scooter safely and confidently.

Our session starts with a theory lesson, followed by a gradually more advanced maneuvers on Super Soco CUX, an exceptionally easy to handle lightweight electric scooter.

Once you’re comfortable with riding on a parking lot, we can move to city traffic to teach you how to ride in it.


    If you are looking for an electric motorcycle or scooter but aren’t sure which one to get, don’t worry.

    Most people don’t just buy a €5000 motorcycle off the Internet. You want to know what you’re buying, try out the range and all aspects of ebike ownership.

    For this occasion we rent all of our bikes. You can rent it for free for a short test drive, but also take it for the whole day (€40) or even weekend (Friday-Monday, €100). It’s the best way to really experience the whole thing before making the decision.


    If you’re unsure about anything, simply let us know and we’ll explain everything.

    7 + 10 =